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Soft drinks often get overlooked on a mobile bar but not with us! We’ve picked out the amazing range of soft drinks from the guys at Karma Cola providing a tasty, sustainable and fair-trade soft drink that is miles better than the other soft drinks on the market.


Karma Cola

Karma’s original cola recipe is made of real cola nut grown by the Mende and Temne people in Boma, Sierra Leone.

Proceeds from each bottle go to the growers’ families to re-establish their lives in the aftermath of civil war and ebola.

Lemony Lemonade

Lemons weren’t known for their luck until Lemony came along.

Lemony’s organic lemons and Fairtrade and organic cane sugar bring good fortune to the farmers who get a fair deal for their crop and a lemony zing to you.



Gingerella is made of Mother Nature’s magic healer – ginger – grown organically by Fairtrade farmers in Sri Lanka.

Its clean, crisp and fiery flavour comes from its unique blend of ginger, vanilla, cane sugar, lemons, and a fair deal for the people who grow them.